Firefighting is the act of attempting to prevent the spread of and extinguish significant unwanted fires in buildings, vehicles, woodland, etc. A firefighter suppresses and extinguishes fires to protect lives and to prevent the destruction of property and of the environment.

What are the hazards when a fire breaks out?

One of the major hazards associated with firefighting operations could possibly be the toxic environment created by combustible materials; the four major risks are smoke, oxygen deficiency, elevated temperatures, and poisonous atmospheres. Additional hazards include falls and structural collapse that can exacerbate the problems entailed in a toxic environment. To combat some of these risks, firefighters carry self-contained breathing equipment.

Types of firefighting equipment

  • A fire truck is an important item of firefighting equipment and its basic function is to help in pumping water with the help of its engine which connects to the water contained in the vehicle. Besides the fire truck, fire fighters also need a ladder that is a very important tool that can help in putting out a fire.
  • A halligan bar is required to help with fire and rescue services. This is a multipurpose tool that helps to pry, twist, punch and strike and is made up of a claw and blade as well as a tapering pick which provides excellent use in helping to quickly force open different types of locked/jammed doors.
  • A fire extinguisher is essential for all firefighting jobs and is especially useful in helping to put out small sized fires such as kitchen fires. Air monitoring meters are other essential items of firefighting equipment that help in measuring carbon monoxide content in the air as well as amount of oxygen in the air.
  • Other than these items, fire fighters also need to use items such as fire alarm control panels that are located in the fire station. These items of equipment help in fighting and putting out fires by announcing the location of places where a fire has broken out.


The basic requirement in any premises is the presence of firefighting equipment in a good operating condition. The regular maintenance checks with a suitable plan are highly essential. The equipment has to be maintained to fulfill the relevant standards and conditions. This ensures safety of people and businesses, and is also responsible for the right kind of confidence among people in their environment.

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