Automatic fire suppression systems

Automatic fire suppression systems control and extinguish fires without human intervention. Examples of automatic systems include fire sprinkler system, gaseous fire suppression, and condensed aerosol fire suppression. Fire suppression systems are designed to automatically detect and prevent fires. They have become the most effective way of preventing fire hazards, minimizing damage, and promote workplace safety.

Types of automatic systems

Today there are numerous types of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems and standards for each one. In general, however, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems fall into two categories: engineered and pre-engineered systems.

  • Engineered Fire Suppression Systems:  They are design specific and most commonly used for larger installations where the system is designed for a particular application. Examples include large marine and land vehicle applications, server rooms, public and private buildings, industrial paint lines, dip tanks and electrical switch rooms. Engineered systems use a number of gaseous or solid agents with many of them being specifically formulated. Some are even stored as a liquid and discharged as a gas.
  • Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems: They use pre-designed elements to eliminate the need for engineering work beyond the original product design. Typical industrial solutions use a wet or dry chemical agent, such as potassium carbonate to protect relatively smaller spaces such as distribution boards, battery rooms, engine bays, wind turbines, hazardous goods and other storage areas.

Benefits of Automated Fire Systems

Of the benefits you can get from automated fire suppression is that it does not need man’s intervention. Since the system is completely automated, it helps to alert people in time and works towards suppressing the fire as people rush to safety and hence helps to save lives. The fire helps to alert the relevant authorities about the ongoing fire. The system can be connected to other automated fire alarm systems that send signals to the fire help centers. This is one factor that will help the fire help providers to control the fire easily.

The system relies on automatic responses which means it is very easy to maintain any problems that the system has because it is really easy to detect. This is very advantageous in the sense that one needs not to worry over the system malfunctioning in the event of fire.

Gas systems particularly, can extinguish a fire without damaging equipment and objects within the room. They are a cost-effective mechanism to deal with fires, not only by virtue of their relatively less expensive parts, but also because they ultimately save you money by lowering repair costs, downtime and damage.

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