Fire safety at the work place

Safety in work place is of paramount importance. An office building has to be built in compliance with the safety features recommended by the official bodies. This regulatory guidelines are in place to ensure that the occupants of the building are protected in case of unexpected damage or accident in the building. This includes adhering to construction codes, installing fire fighting equipment in accessible locations and setting up fire escape routes.

Apart from relying on official bodies to set up fire safety rules, there are certain things that the company can invest in order to help create a safe environment for its employees. This includes-

  • Limit the use of hazardous materials such as waste paper, flammable liquids etc. Also take care to correct faulty electric lines as soon as possible. Also, prevent the use of water and other liquids near electrical machinery.
  • The companies can invest in  proper fire drills, which will educate the employees to keep themselves protected in case of a fire hazard in the building. This will also train the employees to use fire safety equipment in the proper way.
  • Have an evacuation process in place. A fire drill that si carried out ona regular basis will keep your employees alert and it will familiarize them with the process of exiting the building in the most efficient fashion.
  • Installing the right fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers etc will help your security personnel to contain small fire and manage larger ones before the official fire fighters arrive.

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