Fire Caddy- an advanced domestic fire protection system

Domestic fire protection is an oft overlooked safety aspect. However, a secure fire safety system in place will enable you to battle/ control the intensity of the fire before the official fire fighting services arrive on scene.

Fire Caddy is one such advanced fire fighting equipment that can be attached to your home plumbing, thus offering a reliable fire protection system. This entire set up is controlled via a channel of micro controllers, which allows you to regulate water supply to the different parts of the system. This includes pressure sprinklers and full blast hand lines.

The electrical control system enables you to operate it remotely, thus you do not have to worry about manually switching on the system in case of a fire in your vicinity. This gives it a better response time and also allows you to arrest fires before it gets out of hand.

Fire caddy is a portable unit that runs on a traditional gasoline engine, giving it a high degree of manoeuvrability and makes it a self contained system. This system is extremely popular in both domestic and professional fire fighting units, and is used extensively around the world.

At Amaan International, we deal in some of the best quality domestic fire protection systems, including the Fire Caddy from Pyrogen. For more information about our services, do visit our website at


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